Nebraska Nut Growers Association (NeNGA)

The Nebraska Nut Growers Association (NeNGA) was started in 1973 as a nonprofit organization to promote the growing of nuts in Nebraska. The first project was the offering of seed packets with 24 nuts that contained eight species from Black Walnut to Hazelnut. With the great research that was done by Cyril Bish and Dr. W.A. Gustafson, we now have many different cultivar nuts that are now being propagated throughout Nebraska and other states. These superior clones (cultivars) of black walnut, hickories, northern pecans and hazelnuts produce high quality nuts and can withstand the rigors of Nebraska weather.

Because of research work at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL), many superior cultivars have been identified through NeNGA's rigorous Annual Nut Evaluations. These cultivars then were propagated throughout Nebraska and the Midwest through grafting. NeNGA provides grafting workshops and grafting wood (scionwood) so that growers can propagate superior nut trees.

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