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HEARTLAND NUTS 'N MORE Co-op Headquarters

HEARTLAND NUTS 'N MORE (HN'NM) is a farmers' cooperative dedicated to the production and harvest of premium quality orchard grown nuts. The coop is located in Valparaiso, Nebraska where the premium black walnuts and northern pecans are processed and grown in orchards from Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. It is one of several nut grower co-operatives in the United States, but is unique in its method of processing to ensure the best tasting quality nuts a person can eat.

The NeNGA nut grower orchards produce exclusively improved varieties that are superior in size and taste. The trees are grafted with the very best cultivars, chosen through years of experience and research. For example, a native black walnut has about 10% kernel (nutmeat) to shell. The improved grafted black walnut cultivars have thinner shells with a 25% to 35% kernel to shell. The green hulls are removed before the shell becomes stained and discolored which affects the taste of the nutmeat. Special handling of the nutmeat from the cracking of the shell through the sorting and packaging phases help ensure the nutmeat of the best taste for your enjoyment.

HN'NM's Mission: To produce and harvest the best-tasting, premium-quality orchard-grown tree nuts, including Black walnuts and Northern pecans.

HEARTLAND NUTS 'N MORE has a number of retail outlets in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa. Click here for a list of them which can be printed or downloaded to your computer. (Click the back arrow or button on your browser to return.)

HN'NM promotes our High Quality Cutlivar nuts through organizations like Buy Fresh Buy Local, a nonprofit organization that "Encourages the purchase and enjoyment of locally grown foods," and Nebraska Life Magazine which explores the state's culture, heritage and natural surroundings with special articles and promotes people, places, history and culture that make Nebraska unique.

You can learn more about HEARTLAND NUTS 'N MORE Co-op by visiting their Web site at: www.heartlandnutsnmore.com

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